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Transport & Logistics

Take your transport logistics to the next level with fast, accurate and efficient fleet management. Austracker’s Truck GPS insights will help manage dispatch, boost productivity and monitor your compliance requirements.

Live Tracking

Never lose sight of your fleet, even in remote areas. Add geo-fencing alerts and be notified when your vehicles enter designated zones and keep an eye on refrigeration temperatures.

Customer Service

Improved oversight of your fleet means smaller, more accurate delivery windows for your customers. Plus, Austracker gives you the option to share driver location status with them.

Faster dispatch

Remove the need for the ring around. Pre-plan deliveries and respond to new jobs faster with instant visibility on driver availability and location.

Safe Driver Tracking/OH&S

Keep your drivers safe and compliant with industry regulations with pre-vehicle checks, electronic logbooks and dangerous driving alerts.

Austracker’s Truck GPS systems provide business insights to create faster, more efficient transport logistics to get your business moving.

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  • Live tracking
  • Live tracking for customers
  • Geo-fencing alerts
  • Acceleration & collision alerts
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