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Field Services

Go beyond simple route planning with data insights from field management software designed to take your business to the next level.
Dispatch software for navigation

Fleet Management

Better fleet data, means better business insights. With the complete picture of how your fleet is being used you can monitor productivity and reduce your operating costs and create an efficient labour force.

GPS Security

Be sure your staff are looked after, even when they’re working out of hours or remotely. Panic alerts, safe driver monitoring and live tracking give you, and them, peace of mind.

Route Planning

Take control of route planning without doing the ring around to your drivers. Dispatch jobs more efficiently according to fleet availability and load type. Then simply send the route to the driver.

Vehicle health

You business doesn’t need breakdowns. Vehicle monitoring gives you a snapshot of how your vehicles are being used and their overall health. Set servicing reminders and plan maintenance around your schedule.

Introducing GPS tracking to staff

Learn how to introduce GPS to your employees to build a faster, safer, more responsive workforce. Find out what your obligations are and what you can expect from your employees in this must-read guide.

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“Austracker’s field service management software has made it easy to see where our inefficiencies are and get better at the things we already do well.”

~ Austracker client

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  • Field service management software
  • Live tracking
  • Live tracking for customers
  • Geo-fencing alerts
  • Acceleration & collision alerts
  • Panic button
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