Farm Quad Bike Tracker - Austracker

Farm Quad Bike Tracker

Quad Bikes are an essential tool on farms, but unfortunately they come with an inherent risk of rolling over, even when the terrain is flat. While Austracker cannot stop accidents from occurring to even the safest of operators, the Rollover Rescue Tracker can help reduce the time it takes to respond to an accident.

A faster rescue. A better outcome.

Austracker’s farm quad bike tracker, the Rollover Rescue Tracker, gives farmers and their workers reassurance that if an accident happens an SOS message will immediately be sent out to your chosen network – friends, family or neighbours. The rollover alarm will dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to mobilise a rescue and increase the chances of a positive outcome.


Quad bike trackers also let farmers track their vehicles, anywhere, anytime, reducing the risk of theft and speeding up vehicle recovery.

Rollover Alert

As soon as the Quad Bike tilts at 45 degrees or more an alert is sent to the rider's support network to let them know there has been an accident and the bike’s exact location. Alerts are reliant on telecommunications network coverage and can be cancelled at any time by pushing the 'I’m OK button'.


Farm quad bike trackers also come with a siren that sounds in the event of a rollover. The siren assists rescuers to locate the bike, even in difficult conditions. By pushing the 'I’m OK button', the operator can turn off the siren and send a message that they don't need assistance.

Panic Alarm

The alarm can also be used for non-bike related accidents. The user can push the panic button if they have been injured on the farm and need assistance. The alarm provides an extra level of support to farmers or employees working solo.

Geofencing Alert

Geofencing alerts can be created around key farm areas such as dams and farm boundaries to alert you if a bike goes where it shouldn't. If the bike crosses the boundary an alert is immediately sent to your network and action can be taken.


Create a safety plan

The Rollover Rescue Tracker is just one part of a safety system for quad bike riders. While the tracker may help get a recovery team to you faster, a safety plan that prevents accidents is always the best answer. 


Make your bikes safer

Review your riding safety plan to ensure you are reducing the risk of rollover and that in the event of an accident your bike is equipped with rollover bars. State governments often have rebates to help farmers make their bikes safer.


Make your riders safer

Protective clothing can make a real difference. Make sure riders always wear helmets and protective clothing and that someone is aware of where they are going on the bike. Whenever possible, keep a mobile or sat phone on you.

In emergency response they call it the Golden Hour - every minute gained in a fast rescue is a better chance for a positive outcome.

Customer comms

Communication System

The Standard Rollover Rescue Tracker will only work where there is valid 3G signal. Without a 3G signal the data will not be sent. If your property does not have a valid 3G signal we recommend the Satellite Rollover Rescue Tracker. It is important to understand that if the tracker is out of telecommunication range, the alert will not be sent.


  • Inclinometer (tilt switch)
  • Live tracking
  • Weather proof box
  • Panic button/ I’m OK button
  • Siren
  • Geo-fencing alerts
  • Operates on a 3G network*

*Important: If you are in an area of poor network coverage an alternate satellite communication system is available.


  • Geofencing alert
  • Rollover alert
  • Panic alert

Technical Specifications

Installation Auto-elec
Water resistant yes
Operating Temp -30C – +75C
Location Technology 50 Channel GPS
Location Accuracy 2 m
Communication Modes GSM
Operating Voltage 12-24 Volt
Inputs 3
Outputs 3
Serial Interfaces 3
Band 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Internal Battery 3.8 Ah
Buffer  Messages 20,000
Data storage yes
Antenna internal or external

Rescuing riders faster.

The Rollover Rescue Tracker may make all the difference between accident and tragedy. The faster you can get help, the better the potential outcome. This is one way to get help to you quicker. Use the for to the right or call us on 1300 893 473 to find out more.