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GPS Hardware

Austracker’s GPS trackers are built to handle all conditions, all industries and all fleets. With four trackers to choose from, from the simple Plug n Go to our most flexible option, the Versatile tracker.

Plug n Go

Our easiest tracker, no auto-elec required. Move it between vehicles or equipment whenever you want.

Standard Series

Our classic GPS tracker. Cost-effective and full of reports that could revolutionise your business.

Versatile Series

This model comes with the full set of reports, plus the ability to track anything else your business needs.

Trailer Tracker

The hardiest of the bunch. This small tracker is ideal if you need to head off road or need to track small assets.

GPS Comparison

Compare Austracker's GPS trackers and discover which is the right one for you. Still unsure? Call us for a free demo.

Compare GPS Trackers

There’s a tracker to suit your business and budget. We understand there’s no one size fits all GPS solution. Have a look at our GPS hardware comparison here or call us to request a demo.

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