How to make GPS tracking work for you and your staff - Austracker

How to make GPS tracking work for you and your staff

Want to install GPS tracking but unsure how to introduce it to your staff ?

This eBook simplifies everything you’ve ever wondered about how to introduce GPS tracking into your workforce. Find out what your obligations are, what you can expect from your employees and how to create a team that is safe, efficient and customer-focused.

Dispatch software for navigation

See real improvements in your business and your culture.

GPS is an essential tool for managing staff and creating a high-performing workforce. But don’t just take our word for it. We take a look at real world examples where GPS has made a difference to the culture, efficiencies and safety of mobile workforces.

Get it right, from the start.

Change doesn’t need to be stressful. Discover tried and tested tactics for introducing GPS tracking to your employees, getting them part of the solution, from the beginning. By following these guidelines your staff will want to have GPS tracking in their toolkit.

Understanding the law.

Learn the essentials about protecting your rights as an employer whilst respecting the privacy of your employees. We’ve included a best practice guide for introducing GPS to your workforce that will keep you, and them, on the right side of the law.