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Tailored Fleet Reporting

Austracker’s fleet reporting is customisable, scalable and designed for insights that are as unique as your business.

Reporting, that grows with you

We understand that what is important to your business today, may change tomorrow. Our report builder means you can customise reports that are relevant to you, without the distraction of those that aren’t. And as you grow, your fleet reporting can grow with you.

No cookie cutter required

Anything your fleet can record, a report can be developed for. Everything within our software is customisable and any additional fleet reporting that’s required can be created by our developers, specifically for you.

Case Study: Digitization

A large cleaning company was struggling with multiple inventory systems, wasted time on form completion and slow customer fulfilment. Austracker developed a single fleet reporting system that removed the need for paper reporting and streamlined their van tracking, inventory monitoring and routing. The platform could be used to manage payroll, dispatch and reorder inventory.

Case Study: Keeping it fresh

A major refrigerated goods transporter needed live tracking on their vehicles to monitor milk temperature. It was important, travelling long distances that the milk remained fresh. They also needed to a volume measurement for the quality control of 2,500 supplier sites and 120 vehicles within their fleet. An automated solution was put in place with live tracking and auto-alerts for simple monitoring.

Case Study: Waste Management

As part of a local council’s efforts to provide greater ROI for residents, Austracker developed a mobile solution for waste management services. With the touch of a button, garbage collectors could notify the department if multiple bins were out, pot holes were spotted in the road or if the garbage was contaminated. The result was more accurate and transparent billing.

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