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GPS security

Keep staff, vehicles and assets safe around the clock and in remote areas with Austracker’s GPS security features. Automated alarms, including panic buttons and tamper alerts mean you can keep an eye on what’s most important, even when it’s out of sight.

Keeping assets safe with GPS security

When your company’s most important assets are out of sight, a GPS security system can give you peace of mind that no matter where they are, they’re protected around the clock.


Staff safety first and always

Staff safety is one of the most important challenges facing companies who have employees who work alone, remotely or out of hours. Personal panic alarms give peace of mind to you and your staff . With a single push of a button help can be on its way.


Better drivers, safer drivers

Bring home safer drivers with tools to help coach and review your team before accidents happened. Austracker’s tracking system creates live and historic reports that show dangerous driver behaviour such as speeding and harsh braking.


Report on what’s important

Knowing where your staff, vehicles and equipment are is easy with single click from Austracker’s GPS security platform. With the ability to set up customised geo-fences you’ll be the first to know if your assets go somewhere they’re not supposed to be.

Panic alarm

When staff are working out of hours and in remote areas it’s important that they have easy access to safety devices such as panic alarms. Austracker’s personal alarms are connected to the GPS security system. With a single touch the alarm is activated and a text or email alert is sent to a designated manager, along with precise location details. With the option to send the information directly to emergency services you and your staff can feel assured that help is never far away.

GPS security

Vehicle Diagnostics

Austracker gives drivers and managers GPS security tools to keep the team safe on the road. Drivers are prompted to conduct pre-driving safety checks and managers are alerted if a vehicle speeds, brakes harshly or is idling for an excessive period. Plus, electronic logbooks make it easier to ensure drivers are complying with company and industry regulations.

Live tracking

Live tracking means you will always know where your staff, equipment or vehicles are even out of hours and in remote locations. Plus with the ability to create virtual geo-fence perimeters, you will be alerted if vehicles or equipment are taken where they’re not supposed to be. If an asset is taken somewhere it shouldn’t real time location co-ordinates mean a faster recovery.

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Live tracking

How to introduce GPS tracking to staff

Learn how to introduce GPS to your employees to build a faster, safer, more responsive workforce. Find out what your obligations are and what you can expect from your employees in this must-read guide.

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