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GPS & Customer Service

Austracker’s GPS software provides essential tools to improve your customer service from dispatch right through to billing.

Timing and communication are the key to good customer service. Austracker’s platform means you can keep your customers in the loop and manage their expectations with:

Live tracking
Real time job status alerts
Fast dispatch
Asset protection
Reliable invoicing
Simple claim validation


Be fast

Real time visibility of driver availability and location means you can assign jobs on the move for fast delivery and happy customers.


Be responsive

Things will always change. Call outs take longer than expected, new jobs are phoned in and staff availability changes. Respond fast with real time tracking.


Be connected

Your customer’s time is important. Let them know what’s going on and when with accurate delivery times, live tracking links and driver messaging.

Fast dispatch

Your team may be great, but if your dispatch is slow or unreliable your customers will not be happy. See in an instant which drivers are best placed to respond to new jobs, plan the best routes for them to take and give the customer realistic delivery times.


Live tracking

Dispatch the closest vehicle to a job and know that they’ll get their fast with in vehicle driver navigation and route planning. Alert customers when drivers are close and monitor their time on site.

Customer communication

Transparency can mean a better quality of service to your customers. By sharing the live tracking URL with your customers they can see exactly when your staff are going to arrive. Plus, tracking data will confirm time on site, speed up the invoicing process and help validate any claims.

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