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Fleet Vehicle Compliance

Fleet and vehicle compliance has never been easier than with Austracker. Ensure your fleet is being managed within your business and industry regulations with the automation of many OH&S practices.

Keeping the important things safe with fleet vehicle compliance

Ensure your drivers and vehicles are compliant with industry and business regulations, 24 hours a day. With Austracker fleet vehicle compliance reporting and alerts, you’ll be able to report on driver and vehicle behaviour, be alerted if something goes wrong and keep on top of vehicle maintenance.


Automate reporting

Vehicle compliance is made easy with electronic logbooks that remove the risk of human error in logbook entries and speeds up the reporting process.


Keeping drivers safe

Fleet vehicle compliance is more than just reporting for the industry; it’s keeping drivers safe and keeping dangerous driving behaviour in check.


Healthy vehicles

Don’t get caught out by the cost of emergency repairs. Watching vehicle usage means you can plan vehicle servicing around your dispatch schedule.

Driver logbooks

Austracker’s GPS systems automatically record driving hours, break times, distances covered by vehicle and by driver. By using digital logbook software  you remove the risk of human error, mis-calculations and empty logs for better driver and vehicle compliance.

driver logbooks

How to introduce GPS tracking to staff

Learn how to introduce GPS to your employees to build a faster, safer, more responsive workforce. Find out what your obligations are and what you can expect from your employees in this must-read guide.

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Vehicle diagnostics

Austracker’s GPS platform has the ability to plan, schedule and record fleet maintenance as well as monitor vehicle usage. With automated reports on how vehicles are being used you can plan servicing before breakdowns occur for better vehicle compliance.

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Safe driver monitoring

Safe driver monitoring provides an opportunity to coach drivers before poor driving habits become a problem. Receive real time notifications on compliance issues such as speeding, fast braking and dangerous driving.

Your fleet insights are waiting

Track and report on driver behaviour and vehicle use 24 hours a day with fleet vehicle compliance systems from Austracker. Ensure staff are driving regulation hours and vehicles are well maintained, without relying on paper based log books and timesheets.

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