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Fleet Management

If your vehicles could talk, what would they say? Better fleet insights mean better fleet management, improved productivity and reduced operating costs.

Managing your vehicles is as easy as 1,2,3...

Fleet management doesn’t need to be hard. With GPS fleet tracking the data you need to keep an efficient, safe fleet is at your fingertips, wherever your vehicles are.


Create efficiencies

Minimise your operational costs and maximise your labour time with simple, but effective reports that show you where your costs are going.


Keep a healthy fleet

There’s no need to be hit by surprise breakdowns and unplanned vehicle downtime. Keep an eye on fleet health and plan servicing around your schedule.


Report on what’s important

Create meaningful reports for real insights into how your fleet is tracking over time – day, month or year. Set benchmarks to make next month better. And the next and the next.

Fleet efficiencies

Make the most of your team’s time in the field by planning routes and allocating jobs in advance. With live tracking you can respond fast to new jobs and see at a glance who is best to take the job. Better route planning and time allocation will minimise your fuel costs, staff down time and wear and tear on your vehicles.

Fleet management efficiencies

Vehicle Diagnostics

Monitor vehicle health to avoid unplanned downtime and emergency servicing. With insights into acceleration, hard braking, fuel costs and driver logbooks you can ensure your vehicles are looked after. Reports include vehicle history and maintenance costs.

Fleet reporting

Fleet reporting can be produced for the entire fleet or as specific as a single driver or vehicle. Even from the office you will never be out of the loop of how your vehicles are being used. Payroll verification and proof of service become dispute free with GPS data verification and daily, monthly or yearly reports on fleet movement, fuel consumption and client location can identify where you can make better efficiencies.

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