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Fleet Maintenance

A well-maintained fleet is a cost-effective fleet. Austracker’s fleet maintenance systems allow you to monitor vehicle usage and feedback any problems the vehicle is having.


Maintenance Management

Taking control of fleet maintenance can save your business time and money. Pre-plan servicing and be alerted to vehicle issues, for a better running fleet.


Accident prevention

Creating better, safer drivers makes for a better, safer workplace. Protect your staff and your vehicles by identify dangerous driving.


Cost reduction

Fuel can be one of the biggest costs a business faces. Austracker can help identify excessive fuel usage and find better ways to manage your fleet.

Vehicle diagnostics

Two-way alerts mean head office is warned if there are issues with a vehicle, including low oil, overheating of the engine or unusual fuel costs. Drivers can be alerted when vehicles are due for servicing.

Vehicle diagnostics

Driving reports

Austracker’s safe driving alerts encourage your drivers to drive safely, obey speed limits and take the necessary breaks. In the office you’ll be alerted if dangerous driving or a crash has taken place with the ability to immediately contact emergency services with location information.

Fuel Consumption

When your business is on the road it’s important to identify where you save on fuel costs. Vehicle misuse, poor route planning and excessive idling can lead to an unnecessary fuel bill. Austracker’s fleet maintenance reporting can identify areas you can reduce this cost.

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