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Dispatch Management

With Austracker’s dispatch management software you can create a dispatch model that is smart, flexible and responsive. With the ability to pre-plan routes or allocate jobs on the go you will never lose a job again.


Navigate to better productivity

Austracker’s simple dispatch software lets you take control of your fleet movements, creating faster response times and maximising billable hours.


Communicate better

Forget the staff ring around or the common ‘where are you?’ call. Save on time and money with instant job allocation and easy, two-way, fleet communication.


Reporting that matters

Instant data is great, aggregate data is better. Monitor your fleet performance over time and find the trends that can make your business stronger.

Dispatch software for navigation

Austracker’s dispatch software navigation tools go beyond directing drivers along the best routes. They give managers and owners the ability to take control of their fleet and their business with pre-planning to achieve more billable hours and less time driving between jobs. There’s no more need for idling time on the curb, looking through maps and calling in to see what’s next.

Dispatch software for navigation

Dispatch software for communication

Dispatch software that streamlines communications between staff, base and clients. With full visibility of your team’s location it’s easy to message through the next job or critical information for the current job while they’re still onsite. It also means better communication for your customers. By sharing your live tracking links customers can see exactly when the vehicle is due.

Dispatch software for summary reports

Austracker’s dispatch software assists you to gather the data that will transform your business. Create reports on just about anything in the field. If your fleet can measure it, Austracker can report on in. Analyse aggregate data to identify problem areas such as fuel wastage, time on site and poor route planning.

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Dispatch software for reporting

How to introduce dispatch software and GPS tracking to staff

Learn how to introduce GPS driven dispatch software to your employees to build a faster, safer, more responsive workforce. Find out what your obligations are and what you can expect from your employees in this must-read guide.

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