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Fleet Management Software

If your vehicles could talk, what would they say? Better fleet insights mean better fleet management, improved productivity and reduced operating costs.

Powerful data to fuel your insights

Imagine how powerful your reporting could be if, at the click of a button, you could see all your vehicles, download their maintenance history, track your assets and know your drivers were safe and on the job at any given time. Austracker’s software offers simple, effective GPS data at your fingertips.

Fleet Management

Turn GPS vehicle tracking into a business tool to improve productivity.

Dispatch Management

Be faster, more flexible with real-time data to manage your fleet.

GPS Security

Protect your staff with panic alarms and dangerous driving alerts.

Asset Tracker

Never lose sight of your assets again with geo-fencing and tamper alerts.

Fleet Compliance

Ensure your fleet’s compliance with alerts, vehicle checks and logbooks.

Fleet Maintenance

Monitor vehicle health and avoid emergency servicing.

Customer Service

Provide superior customer service with fast dispatch and invoicing.

Fleet Reporting

Access and create tailored reporting to fit your business requirements.

Flexible solutions

Austracker’s fleet management software is more than just a way to communicate with your team on the road. With real time overview of your fleet, you can optimise routes and respond quickly to new jobs. Austracker’s GPS vehicle tracking platform is developed and maintained in Australia, making it easy for us to customise reporting for you.

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5 ways GPS trackers save you money

Unlock your hidden profits

Learn how Fleet Management Software can unlock your hidden profits and save your business time and money. This guide to GPS operations is an essential read for any fleet manager.

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The right fleet management software makes finding the insights your business needs easy. Find out more about how the Austracker GPS system can deliver powerful data to you, with an obligation free consultation.

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