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Police trial GPS Trackers to locate stolen vehicles

Police using GPS trackers to locate stolen vehicles may seem like a obvious idea, but surprisingly it is only just gaining popularity with the police as an integrated way of recovering stolen cars fast. There were media reports recently that Victoria Police are trialling one thousand GPS trackers in what was described as a “game changer” in cracking down on vehicle theft.

GPS comparison like apples and oranges

GPS comparison: Your essential guide

When it comes to GPS comparison we could all take on the wise words of my parents. “Always read the label carefully”, my mother always said. “Fruit juice is not the same thing as a fruit drink.” Wise words indeed. And my father? He always said, “Never...

lightbulb gps employee reports

Simple GPS employee reports

Picture this: it’s 3pm on Thursday. Your staff are all out and about, working through their job list for the day. A call comes in from a client. They need someone to come around immediately. There’s an issue with that thing that they need seen...


We’ve talked a lot about how GPS trackers can give you better efficiencies, better productivity and ultimately big savings in operational costs. But how much does it really?  Let’s go through some common cost savings.   Saving money through time Poor time management is a problem almost every business...