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We’ve talked a lot about how GPS trackers can give you better efficiencies, better productivity and ultimately big savings in operational costs. But how much does it really?  Let’s go through some common cost savings.   Saving money through time Poor time management is a problem almost every business...

Start sign for GPS tracking

The Starters’ guide to GPS tracking for fleets

For businesses managing a mobile workforce there comes a point when you realise you need more oversight of what’s happening on the ground. There is a definite tipping point as businesses grow where trust is no longer a tool you can rely on.   And by trust I...

GPS data storage and reports

GPS tracking systems create a treasure trove of data. I’ve talked many times how the data gathered can help fleet managers create more accurate invoicing, hassle free timesheets, insights to grow the business and alerts to keep drivers safe.   While we often think of GPS data...

GPS tools for staff

GPS tools for employees

A common misconception is that GPS tracking is a tool just for employers. But if you talk to employees who have been in a company B.G. (Before GPS) and A.G. (After GPS) they’ll tell you how much easier their day to day work becomes with...