Police trial to use GPS Trackers to locate stolen vehicles can only be a good thing.

Police trial GPS Trackers to locate stolen vehicles

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Police trial GPS Trackers to locate stolen vehicles

Police using GPS trackers to locate stolen vehicles may seem like a obvious idea, but surprisingly it is only just gaining popularity with the police as an integrated way of recovering stolen cars fast. There were media reports recently that Victoria Police are trialling one thousand GPS trackers in what was described as a “game changer” in cracking down on vehicle theft.

With a GPS tracker installed on a car, and the Stolen Vehicle Recovery activated, a car can be recovered within less than 28 minutes by the police. It is quoted that over fifteen thousand vehicles were stolen in the past year, with a high percentage from home invasions costing around $170 million.  The increase in vehicle theft in Australia has caused a re-think by the police on how they can more effectively catch the criminals in question, in the act.

There have been concerns raised by some, that the police use GPS data to not only catch a thief who might steal your car, but to also ping you on speeding or other driving violations, but this is not likely. GPS trackers can be turned on and off, and you as the owner can decide when to activate it. Constant tracking is also expensive and unnecessary. The tracker is installed only as a ‘recovery’ mechanism when the car is stolen.

What to look for in an Stolen Vehicle Recovery GPS solution:

Track only when reported as stolen

It’s not necessary to track private vehicles when they are in normal use and it could be seen as a violation of privacy. So the ability to switch it on and off is vital.

Discreet location and wiring

Many GPS solutions are wired into obvious and easily located places in your vehicle.

Make sure you select a provider who can offer solutions that range from wireless through to discrete self-wiring solutions, so that the criminal cannot disable the GPS unit. When you consider all of the hard earned cash that you have invested in your vehicle, which is a depreciative asset, it makes sense to insure it with an SVR GPS. Having one of these can also often reduce your insurance premiums.

Read more on assessing the right GPS tracking system for you here.

With the price of cars going up and money being tight, the motivation for thieves to steal cars is growing. Often they are then dumped and burned to ensure forensic data cannot be found. This means your pride and joy is never coming back, your expensive and essential company vehicle is lost and your hard-earned equipment and cash is gone.

The solution to be able to call a number or press a button to activate full tracking, and then send the active link on your vehicle to the police to have your car recovered within hours of losing it, often before thieves have had the time to empty your valuables, is priceless.

Austracker are pioneers in the use of GPS tracking in the recovery of stolen vehicles, and the news from Victoria Police in considering this as an integrated solution is an excellent move and way to go.

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