Austracker appoints Malcolm Noyle to key Australian telematics position - Austracker

Austracker appoints Malcolm Noyle to key Australian telematics position

Austracker appoints Malcolm Noyle to key Australian telematics position

Austracker is proud to announce the appointment of Malcolm Noyle as the Australian Territory Sales Manager.

Paul Ryan, Austracker CEO says, “Malcolm comes to us at a time when telematics in Australia is going through exceptional growth. Businesses are realising that technology like GPS, Bluetooth and RFID have enormous potential beyond just tracking vehicles and assets. We’re connecting businesses to real data about their entire operations, enabling them to manage their mobility, manage their logistics and manage their operational costs in ways that haven’t been possible before.

We’re very excited to have someone of Malcolm’s calibre on board. He has been a pioneer in leveraging telematics and fleet data to adapt the foundation of how, why and even where businesses are using their fleet vehicles. In particular Malcolm recently launched a Fringe Benefit Tax free car sharing systems. We see this out of the box thinking is going to be an exciting addition to our core tracking and fleet insight model.

Malcolm says, “I’ll be working closely with our clients and partners to move beyond the provision of telematics as simply a tracking service and helping them utilise big data and the Internet of Things. The insights these systems provide mean fleet managers can actively reduce fuel costs, optimise fleet performance and make outstanding improvements to driver OH&S.

I’ve been working with companies such as Mercedes and Keaz across the Pacific and UK for the past ten years and this is a fantastic opportunity to see an Australian born and grown company now leading the way in telematics intelligence.”


The timing of Austracker’s appointment of Malcolm is important. The fleet sector is changing rapidly and over the next 5 years fleet managers are going to have to come to grip with some key challenges.

  • OH&S – greater accountability around the management of vehicles and drivers
  • The use of grey fleet vehicles – private vehicles being driven by employees for work.
  • Vehicle automation – driverless cars are now a reality and the impact on fleet management will be huge.
  • The increase of electric vehicles in the market – what new challenges will new power technology bring fleets?
  • Fiscal management – as overall vehicle efficiency grows, so does the pressure to reduce all costs.

Malcolm says, “Probably one of the biggest challenges facing fleet managers is the increasing demand for supply chain accountability. The technology is evolving rapidly but so are expectations for returns. There is very real pressure on fleet managers to have real time view of logistical bottlenecks but also transparency of their supply chain from cradle to grave. It’s no longer just about monitoring the shift of goods and services it’s about making the entire supply chain more efficient and cost-effective. The fleet manager’s role now goes well beyond vehicles.

Austracker is investing in best in class technology, innovative thinkers and fleet partnerships that will enable our clients to meet theses challenges head on. I’m looking forward to being a part of it and meeting with managers one on one to explore new, creative ways we can get them the insights they really need to get their business moving.”

To celebrate the arrival of Malcolm Noyle to the Austracker team, Austracker is offering a free fleet and telematics consultation for business owners and fleet managers. It’s an opportunity to tap into Malcolm’s vast experience in fleet management solutions and access some of the brains of some of Australia’s best telematics experts. They will evaluate your business, discuss your biggest challenges and develop a tailored roadmap, showing you how the right GPS tracking system will deliver real results to your business.


Free telematics consultation

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