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GPS vehicle tracking data that powers your business

There’s more to GPS vehicle tracking than just knowing where your vehicles are. With Austracker’s powerful fleet management software you can access powerful insights to run your business more efficiently and profitably than ever before.


Fleet management

Turn GPS vehicle tracking into a business tool to improve productivity.

Dispatch Management

Be faster, more flexible with real-time data to manage your fleet.

GPS Security

Protect your staff with panic alarms and dangerous driving alerts.

Asset Tracker

Never lose sight of your assets again with geo-fencing and tamper alerts.

Fleet Compliance

Ensure your fleet’s compliance with alerts, vehicle checks and logbooks.

Fleet Maintenance

Monitor vehicle health and avoid emergency servicing.

Customer Service

Provide superior customer service with fast dispatch and invoicing.

Fleet Reporting

Access and create tailored reporting to fit your business requirements.

Unsure how to introduce GPS tracking to your staff?

If you want all the benefits of GPS tracking including greater profitability plus a safer, more responsive workforce, the key is to get their buy in from the beginning. Find out what your obligations are and how to successfully introduce it to your employees in this must-read guide.

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Fleet management insights for your industry

No matter what business you’re in, Austracker’s GPS fleet management software connects you to your staff, vehicles or equipment wherever they are. And with better data, you can make better decisions to drive your business forward.

Austracker’s fleet management software helps you manage your staff, fleet and customers with powerful, real time GPS vehicle tracking data. Streamline job dispatch, improve customer service and find efficiencies within your business.

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Make every dollar count with fleet insights tailored to your business. With Austracker’s GPS vehicle tracking platform you can forward plan fleet movements, be agile when if the unexpected happens and be confident that your drivers are safe on the road.

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Austracker’s GPS fleet tracking solutions put the control back in your hands. Your vehicles or rental equipment are never out of sight, no matter where they are. With full sight of your asset’s location, alerts for equipment tampering and safe driver checks, you can minimise the risk of theft or abuse.

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Whether you’re managing a workforce or responding to unplanned events, Austracker’s fleet management software gives you the right tools to plan, react and improve your service. Real-time tracking and phone messaging mean you are always in contact with your team.

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Protect your investments and reduce the risk of misuse, theft and misappropriation with automated and tamper proof alerts. Geo-fencing, safe driver tracking and claim validation reporting mean you always know where your assets are and how they’re being used.

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Get real Return on Investment

Austracker’s GPS vehicle tracking fleet management software provides data that is tailored to your business. With complete oversight of your fleet you can make better, more informed decisions to help run your business more efficiently. Save on time, fuel and maintenance costs. Plus, with rental options available there is no need to buy your GPS trackers outright, leaving you in full control of your costs.

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Protect your assets

With GPS vehicle tracking there is no need to worry about where your staff and assets are. Austracker’s range of security and OH&S solutions include personal alarms, pre-vehicle checks and safe driver tracking to ensure your staff are protected 24 hours a day, no matter how remote.

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Flexible solutions

Austracker’s fleet management software is more than just a way to communicate with your team on the road. With real time overview of your fleet, you can optimise routes and respond quickly to new jobs. Austracker’s GPS vehicle tracking platform is developed and maintained in Australia, making it easy for us to customise reporting for you.

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